This is an online collection of the things that I've done. 
Bragging is hard for us Finns, so let's make it sound like someone else wrote it:
"This museum is a documentation of Erkki Izarra's journey in marketing, advertising and product development. 
He brings in 18 years of experience that he has gained as Copywriter, Creative Director, entrepreneur and Director of Product Marketing at Nokia and Microsoft. He has loitered in top international advertising agencies in Finland, USA and The Netherlands. 
In 2008 he co-founded 358, a multi-disciplinary creative agency, that reached #14 in a global ranking. Erkki’s work has been recognized in the most important international creative forums and he is a frequent lecturer in universities and seminars.
This collection doesn't cover his years before advertising and the 28 jobs of his early years. The word "job" indicates here that somebody has actually paid him for working in these roles
1. Painter 
2. Waiter 
3. Laundry factory worker
4. Bartender
5. Freelance journalist
6. Proof reader
7. Removals guy
8. Bakery owner 
9. Photographer
10. Milk department manager at Hakaniemen Elanto
11. Flower delivery guy
12. Reseracher
13. Inventory manager
14. Direct advertising delivery boy
15. Renovations worker
16. Guest harbour manager
17. Mail sorter for Finnish Post
18. Guinea pig for big pharma
19. Stage hand for Metallica etc.
20. Merchandise seller for Take That
21. Tour operator
22. Actor in Radio Theatre
23. Dish washer at Primula
24. Editor of Snowboard mag
25. Event builder
26. Barber
27. Golf course gardener
28. TV host