Selfie Phone

The World's first selfie phone, Nokia Lumia 730

Let’s face it, all smartphones are very similar.

When I joined Nokia in 2013, Lumia 730 was my first project. The challenge was to make a mid-priced phone that would be appealing for kids in Asia. We knew they care about their appearance, but Nokia didn't have a track record of making cheap but shiny and thin phones. Could there be another way to make the kids look cool?

The selfie trend had just exploded. So, what if we'd make the "World's first selfie-phone”? It could have a big front facing camera with a wide-angle lese to fit a lot of friends and software that makes selfies look better.

That was the brief to both R&D and to marketing. They went on to make a phone and a stunt that got into the Guinness Book of Records: The World’s largest selfie.
Company: Nokia
Role: Director, Product Marketing (Consumer Value Propostions and Marketability)

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