Most companies need a story, some of them need a new product. I do both marketing and product development.
We usually start by laying a solid foundation. Quite often it's a Lean Canvas exercise.
We gather to a workshop. Then I write. Then we meet for comments, and I write again.
The goal is to figure out a "meta story" or a "service blueprint".

Actually, it is also a strategy check before we get to things such as
- Consumer value proposition
- Pitch deck or sales pitch
- Website, webshop or digital service
- Portfolio and product development
- Social media, PR and advertising

I work in all modes
- As a consultant
- As a board member
- As an investor
- For sweat equity
- As a contractor for established agencies

For a product to be successful, it has to be desirable to the consumers, feasible to the people who are making it and financially viable. My starting point is the story, but I also have educated myself in tech and finance.
If you need to get your story straight or product right, I'm expecting your call.