Heineken Open Source Stage

What would you like to see at Flow Festival? Your favourite local kids? A re-union? Yourself? The programme of Heineken Open Source Stage was based on open source principles and Facebook liking. Within the first week and a half we got 150,000 visits, 2,000 suggestions for acts and the acts were liked 14,500 times. That was in 2011. The success encouraged us to do it again in 2012. The 2013 edition even had its bespoke radio show. Scroll down to find a case video.

This was the 2011 voting site.
The first venue, in 2011 was designed for 200 people.
The re-union of MCTaakiBörsta attracted thousands of people. It wouldn't have happened without the public demand of Open Source Stage and it was by far the most talked about act of a festival that had Kanye West in the line up.
This was the 2012 venue.
Many performers invited special guests ... or the guests invited themselves.
Karri Koira invited Rudy. They wouldn't have been on the festival without Open Source Stage.
These guys were quite pleased that Karri and Rudy came.
2011 - 2013
Agency: 358
Role: Creative Director, Concept Designer
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